Middle East Deposits By Banks

Bank Branch Founded Country Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Sina Bank 274 1985 Iran 15.00% - IRR Aug 2017
National Bank Of Egypt 338 1898 Egypt 10.00% - EGP Aug 2017
Bank Of Syria And Overseas 2004 Syria 10% - SYP Aug 2017
National Bank Of Kuwait 64 1952 Kuwait 1.875% - KWD Aug 2017
National Bank Of Oman 61 1973 Oman 1.75% - OMR Aug 2017
Emirates NBD 219 2007 United Arab Emirates 1.15% - AED Aug 2017
QNB 62 1964 Qatar 0.70% - QAR Apr 2016
Bank Leumi 270 1902 Israel 0.25% - ILS Aug 2017
Israel Discount Bank 147 1935 Israel 0.20% - ILS Aug 2017
Bank Hapoalim 270 1921 Israel 0.03% - ILS Aug 2017

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  • Q: What's the inflation in those countries which have high profit rates on deposits

    Reply M. D. from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Middle East Discussion Activity

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    PRAMODINI from Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Israel - Mizrahi Tefahot Bank
    Q: what is the interest on a deposit of 500000sh for one to two years.thanks

    bernard from Israel
  • United Arab Emirates - Deposits - Emirates NBD - Emirates NBD 1 Year Fixed Deposit
    Q: If i will deposit of 50,000.00 AED HOW Much THE INTEREST EVERY MONTH I WILL GET?

    Mayumi Barangay from United Arab Emirates
  • Israel - FIBI Bank
    Q: We have been banking with Fibi many years. I have tried and tried to phone to speak to anyone in English. But only a rude person in Customer service answered but would not help me. Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to speak to someone regarding my visa. it is really important but nobody seems to answer or able to speak to me English.

    Eta from Tampa, United States
  • Qatar - Masraf Al Rayan
    Q: Am kenyan citizen. I was providend with your visa card by my company. I leaked information about the card to unknown personnel. Could there be problem because last time I checked the balance it was different from what I expected.

    paul from Doha, Qatar