Middle East Deposits By Banks

Bank Branch Founded Country Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Sina Bank 274 1985 Iran 15.00% - IRR Sep 2017
National Bank Of Egypt 338 1898 Egypt 10.00% - EGP Sep 2017
Bank Of Syria And Overseas 2004 Syria 10% - SYP Sep 2017
National Bank Of Kuwait 64 1952 Kuwait 1.875% - KWD Sep 2017
National Bank Of Oman 61 1973 Oman 1.75% - OMR Sep 2017
Emirates NBD 219 2007 United Arab Emirates 1.15% - AED Sep 2017
QNB 62 1964 Qatar 0.70% - QAR Apr 2016
Bank Leumi 270 1902 Israel 0.25% - ILS Sep 2017
Israel Discount Bank 147 1935 Israel 0.20% - ILS Sep 2017
Bank Hapoalim 270 1921 Israel 0.03% - ILS Sep 2017

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  • Q: What's the inflation in those countries which have high profit rates on deposits

    Reply M. D. from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Middle East Discussion Activity

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    Q: Hi, I would like to know more of how to open an account with you where you would get the 15% rate and how to do this when I am Danish living in Denmark. I have just been informed by my fiancé of this way of increasing my savings by putting money into your bank. Is it legal and how to get it started. He did mention it might needs to stay fixed in your bank for 5 years, but the interests could either get transferred into my Danish account or stay and make a bigger income for later. Hope you find time to get back to me soon Greetings from the nordic Denmark Helena

    Helena from Copenhagen, Denmark
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    Q: I want to open high Interest savings account. I am British & live in the U.K. But l am interested in investing in Egypt bank account. This account will be used in the future to purchase a property in Sharm el Sheikh. Thank you

    Sandy from Egypt
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    PRAMODINI from Kuwait City, Kuwait
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    Q: what is the interest on a deposit of 500000sh for one to two years.thanks

    bernard from Israel
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    Q: If i will deposit of 50,000.00 AED HOW Much THE INTEREST EVERY MONTH I WILL GET?

    Mayumi Barangay from United Arab Emirates