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CountryInflationGDPPopulationInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
Iran15.3%12,258***77,895,30015.00% - IRRDec 2016
Syria59.1%5,041 (2010)22,920,27310% - SYPDec 2016
Egypt13.3%6,11487,500,2007.25% - EGPMay 2016
Oman4%25,6354,077,9121.75% - OMRDec 2016
Kuwait5.6%37,8493,268,4311.25% - KWDDec 2016
United Arab Emirates2.5%36,8439,446,0001.15% - AEDDec 2016
Qatar2.8%78,2602,187,3260.70% - QARApr 2016
Israel3.2%29,4048,253,2000.25% - ILSDec 2016

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    Q: I reside in South Africa and I would like to borrow from a foreign country any of the lowest rates.

    Tshehla from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Lebanon - Byblos Bank
    Q: Hi thereI need to know how much the interest rate at the moment for depositing over 100 thousand dollarsAnd also How much is the rate if we deposited Lebanese pounds insread of dollar ..thanks heaps

    Sam from Berala, Australia
  • Yemen - International Bank Of Yemen
    Q: I have a deposit of 10580000 UK pounds in a Bank in Turkey which I want to transfer to Yemen who?

    Emad from Guangzhou, China
  • Kuwait - ABK
    Q: Sir I am working for a company in Kuwait for last 18 months.....my basic salary is75 kd ..... but with double duty I am now receiving an amount of 150 kd from last 16 months onwards.... is there any way for me for applying a loanof1000 kd?

    Madhu devadas from Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • Israel - Bank Hapoalim
    Q: My checking account with bank hapoalim has a court order to collect our diet to the city taxes.I am now due to collectan Israeli Government pension. . Question: Will the city take that pension money from our acc.?

    Alexander from Israel